Your new Linux distro, PikaOS!

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PikaOS: Performance, Simplicity and Birb


What sets PikaOS apart?

Cute Birb

PikaOS has a cute birb as the logo/mascot. Who doesn't love the little guy? OwO

Gaming Out Of The box

PikaOS is setup to enable as pain free as possible Linux gaming out of the box.

Drivers Included

We include the best drivers for your hardware either baked into the OS or installable through our welcome app.

Excellent Performance

The combination of up to date drivers and a custom tweaked kernel means PikaOS is fast.

Excellent Compatability

Due to the Ubuntu base and custom patches PikaOS has high levels of software and hardware compatability.

Open Source

All of our code can be found on our github and our ppas are available on launchpad. Contributions are also very welcome!

PikaOS Download

Grab our latest PikaOS ISO now!

MD5 hash here.